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Essar Oil Unlisted Share

₹215 13.8 | 6.9%

Market Cap ₹ 32047Cr.

Current Price ₹ 215

Lot Size 100

52W High ₹ 235

EPS 6.18

P/B 1.5

Face Value 10

Debt to Equity 0.63

Stock P/E 34.8

Book Value ₹ 145.2


52W Low ₹ 201.16

Demat Account Both

ISIN INE011A01019


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Essar Oil Unlisted Share Price

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Overview Inc. Year: 1989Industry: Refineries

Nayara Energy is a cutting-edge downstream and petrochemicals company with global reach. Essar Oil Limited was the company's previous name until May 2018, when it changed to Nayara Energy Limited. Mumbai, India serves as the home location for Nayara Energy Limited, which was established in 1989. It combines the finest of both fresh and experienced minds with best-in-class infrastructure and procedures, and it strives to provide excellence at every stage of the process. The business markets petroleum products in South Africa, India, Singapore, Mozambique, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. It also refines crude oil. The company sells bitumen, fly ash, high speed diesel, high flash high speed diesel, petcoke, and sulphur. With a capacity of 20 MTPA and a high complexity index of 11.8 and making up about 8% of the country's total refinery capacity, the corporation owns and manages India's second largest single-site, state-of-the-art, and most modern and complicated refinery. From refining to marketing, the company is involved in the whole hydrocarbon value chain. It is currently preparing to transport crude to chemicals as well. It is India's fuel retail network with the quickest growth. Rosneft, the largest publicly traded oil and gas company in the world by liquid hydrocarbon production and reserves, and an investment group led by Trafigura and UCP Investment Group bought Nayara Energy in 2016. Prior to being taken private in a leveraged buyout that concluded on December 30, 2015. It was a publicly traded firm that was delisted at a price of 380 billion.

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Net Sales (in cr.)

Total Income (in cr.)

Operating Profit (in cr.)

Net Profit (in cr.)

Shareholder Funds (in cr.)

Total Assets (in cr.)

Financial Data

FY18 FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 YOY % FY22 CAGR % FY22
Net Sales 85511.5 98659.4 99868.3 87500.6 119690.2 36.8 8.8
Total Income 86692.7 100313.2 100549.9 88565.6 120004.8 35.5 8.5
Net Profit 669.3 688.5 2500 458.2 921 101 8.3
Shareholder Funds 18454.5 19216.5 19214.9 20657.7 21641.7 4.8 4.1
Total Assets 74325.8 74618.3 75913 76592.6 81345.4 6.2 2.3
EPS 4.49 4.62 16.77 3.07 6.18 101.3

Financial Docs

Type Period/Date Document
Annual Report 2022-03
Annual Report 2021-03
Annual Report 2020-03
Annual Report 2019-03
Annual Report 2018-03

Essar Oil Unlisted Shares: FAQs

1. Is trading in Nayara Energy Ltd's unlisted shares legal in India?

Yes trading in unlisted shares is undoubtedly legal in India. The trading takes place in the over-the-counter market through various platforms like

2. Is unlisted shares regulated by SEBI?

No, SEBI does not regulate the unlisted share market but certain rules and regulations of SEBI are applicable in the unlisted market space as well, such as, the DP charges for each transaction, stamp duty, lock-in period and more.

3. Where can I get the best Nayara Energy Ltd unlisted share price?

You will get the best price for Nayara Energy Ltd and a hassle-free buying experience only on platform.

4. How can I buy Nayara Energy Ltd's unlisted shares?

Nayara Energy Ltd's unlisted shares can be easily purchased at by following a few easy steps. Given below are the steps involved in the buying of these shares:

Step 1 - Confirmation on the number of shares you want to purchase of Nayara Energy Ltd at a trading price.

Step 2 - Submission of the necessary document like your Client Master Report. Certain additional documents will also be asked for by our representative if required such as a cancelled cheque and your PAN Card if you are paying from a secondary bank account which is not mentioned in your CMR.

Step 3 - The representative will share the account details so that you can transfer the trade amount into the account.

Step 4 - The shares of Nayara Energy Ltd will reflect in your Demat account within 24 hours as soon as the payment is received and depending on the holidays. Our details would be available to you before the transfer.

5. How can I sell Nayara Energy Ltd unlisted shares?

Nayara Energy Ltd's unlisted shares can be easily sold at by following a few easy steps. Given below are the steps involved in the of selling of these shares:

Step 1- Confirmation on the number of shares you want to sell of Nayara Energy Ltd and at what price you want to sell.

Step 2- At Stocx, we will find a suitable buyer for you according to your requirements and if you accept the trade we will move on to the transfer and the payment aspect of the trade.

Step 3- The Stocx representative will provide you with the Demat account details to transfer your Nayara Energy Ltd shares. They will also notify you about the additional details required from your end before the transfer of shares such as client master copy, delivery instruction slip, and more.

Step 4- Once the transfer is complete, the payment would be credited to your bank account within 24 hours, depending on the holidays.

6. What is the minimum ticket size for investment in Nayara Energy Ltd unlisted shares?

Over the years the minimum ticket size for investment has dropped as more and more people have started investing in the Unlisted market. Currently, the minimum ticket size for Nayara Energy Ltd is between 30K to 50K.

7. How to check if Nayara Energy Ltd shares are credited to my account?

Brokers or dealers provide you with a trading facility means you can buy and sell shares with your broker but when you buy shares the Depository holds your shares. There are mainly two depositories NSDL and CDSL.

If you want to check your shares in NSDL and CDSL you need to download the application (NSDL Speede App or CDSL myeasi).

  • You need to download the Application.
  • Login or Register yourself.
  • Fill in your DP Id and Client Id (NSDL DP Id starts with IN and CDSL DP & Client Id in numeric).
  • After registration, log on to your account and go to Dashboard.
  • You can see all your holding (Listed, Unlisted, Mutual Fund) there.

8. What will be the tax bearing on Nayara Energy Ltd?

The taxation on the Nayara Energy Ltd shares may vary depending on 2 Factors:

  • Short-term capital or long-term capital.
  • Pre-IPO stage (unlisted shares) or Post-IPO stage (listed shares)

Short-term capital

Unlisted shares - In unlisted shares, the taxation of short-term capital gain i.e. less than 24 months is taxable according to the investor's income tax slab.

Listed Shares - In listed shares, the taxation for short-term capital gains i.e. less than 12 months is at 15%

Long-term capital

Unlisted shares - The taxation for long-term capital gain i.e. more than 24 months is taxable at 20% with indexation benefits.

Listed Shares - The taxation for long-term capital gains i.e. more than 12 months is at 10% after an exemption of 1 lakh. There are no indexation benefits in listed shares.

9. What is the lock-in period of Nayara Energy Ltd shares?

According to the current rule issued by SEBI last year in August 2021, the lock-in period is brought down from 1 year to 6 months. This was done to entice more investors to invest their money in pre-IPO companies and startups. The lock-in period of Nayara Energy Ltd varies depending on which type of investor you are:

  • Foreign Venture Capital Investor - These investors have a lock-in period of 6 months from the procurement date of Nayara Energy Ltd shares.
  • Alternative Investment Funds II - These investors don't have to serve any lock-in period.
  • Other investors - These investors include body corporate, retail, high net-worth individuals. The lock-in period for them is 6 months from the date of listing of Nayara Energy Ltd enlisted shares.

10. How to check Nayara Energy Ltd unlisted share price daily?

You can check daily share prices of companies on our website or register with us using your phone number where you will get daily whatsapp updates on company news and other essential informations.

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