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Shubh Mathur    

Bengaluru, India

Focused on finding businesses that can sustainably create wealth over the medium to long term. Looking at businesses across industries and market caps with a Growth plus Fundamentals lens.

Contributor since: 2022

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Shubh Mathur

Bengaluru, India

Onward Technologies Ltd. (ONWARDTEC) - Shifting from low-margin legacy services to high margin ER&D and Digital businesses

Onward Technology Ltd. (OTL) is involved in fulfilling client needs in the ER&D (Embedded Electronics), Digital (Cloud, Data), and IT Services space. Most of the background of the company is derived from its rich history in providing mechanical engineering solutions. Slowly the company wishes to shift to a 50-50 revenue split between the ER&D and Digital Businesses. OTL mainly focuses on the Transportation & Mobility (automotive & railway transport), and Industrial Equipment & Heavy Machinery (Off-Highway, Agriculture, Construction, Mining Equipment) industries. Lately, OTL has also made efforts to serve Healthcare & Medical Devices and Hi-Tech industries (Semiconductors, Digital Platforms).\r\nDuring July 2021, OTL picked up PE investment to the tune of Rs 70 cr. from Convergent Finance LLP at a post-money valuation of Rs 283 cr.